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ATI Essentials PRO Complete Pack


Essentials Pro 2 x 500mL
Price:   $14.95 ea.
Essentials Pro 2 x 2 Liter
Price:    $39.95 ea.
Essentials Pro 2 x 10 Liter
Price:    $179.95 ea.

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28 Essential Elemants

More than a basic dose

ATI Essentials Pro goes beyond your normal 2 part solution for your aquarium’s needs. ATI Essentials provides all of your aquarium’s elemental requirements in one easy to use system – a simple approach to a complicated problem. Simply dose the solutions in equal parts and your tank will be provided with 28 essential elements.

Usable straight from the bottle

Essentials Pro is a laboratory quality concentrate that can be diluted* or dosed directly from the bottle, giving you the flexibility to choose the dosing style that is right for your tank.

* Diluting Essentials Pro offers you more protection from accidental overdose caused by siphon or other issues

Equal Doses of #1 and #2 Bottles

ATI Essentials Pro gives you complete trace element coverage without having to dose each one individually.

Most users of ATI Essentials Pro will dose each part of the system equally. There are no complicated ratios to remember, or calculations to redo every time you test your tank.

ATI Essentials Pro is a laboratory-grade, 2-part solution for dosing elements to your saltwater reef aquarium. We’ve made dosing easy.

The reason why aquarists dose reef tanks is because as your corals start to grow, the livestock will use up calcium and other elements and substances faster than they can be replaced just by changing water. So, while you may still need to change some water over time, regularly adding some of these essential elements becomes a requirement.

Certain types of saltwater livestock are known to have a high calcium and alkalinity demand. Small or large polyp stony corals and Tridacna clams are good examples. If you want these types of livestock to thrive, then dosing is a requirement.

Dosing can feel complicated and cumbersome if the aquarist doses each element separately. The Essentials Pro solutions takes the guesswork and anxiety out of dosing your reef tank.

The Essentials Pro not only delivers the three basic components of dosing solutions–magnesium, calcium, and carbonate–but it also includes 25 other essential elements for optimized growth of your corals.

This makes dosing your reef aquarium a lot simpler. You can use the product at full strength or diluted. We created a video (below) to explain this in detail.

You will need some tubing, two check valves, a dosing pump, and two vessels in which you can dilute the two liquids at a ratio of 4:1. We recommend dosing the two solutions one at a time, alternating them every hour.

We have an online calculator to help you determine the volume to dose, and we recommend diluting the solution if you are new to dosing.

We also recommend that you do a lot of testing of your alkalinity in the beginning—when you first start dosing–to determine how quickly you are using up alkalinity or carbonate and record what your test results are.

By watching your numbers, you will see trends in how much of the dosed elements the aquarium uses. Over time you can dial in the amount to dose to exactly match what you are using up.

Once the aquarium is stable then you will be able to test much less frequently.

We want you to succeed with your reef tank, and we will bring you cutting edge products to achieve that end.ATI North America is a leader in equipment for the saltwater aquarium. If you have any questions about this article or any of our products, ATI North America can be reached at (303) 459-2119 or you can email us at customercare@atinorthamerica.com.

How to Convert Your Tank to Essentials Pro

Have you ever spent hours researching what is the best dosing system for a reef aquarium to bring out the best color and growth in your corals? With the amount of information available, making an educated decision can be overwhelming. What if I told you that we have an all in one safe and simple dosing solution for your tank that will provide your tank with 28 major, minor and trace elements?

In this article we will explain to you the benefits of using ATI Essential Pro and why using our dosing system will benefit your corals and take the guesswork out of your dosing routine. We will also provide information for safely converting your tank from its current dosing regimen over to Essentials Pro.

How is ATI Essentials Pro different from other dosing methods?

Like many other products, ATI Essentials Pro is a 2-part dosing system, however unlike most other products that are made up of just calcium and alkalinity, ATI Essentials Pro also contains balanced levels of 26 other minor and trace elements to help boost coral color and growth.

Will switching from my current method of dosing stress my corals?

Absolutely not. As long as you test your water frequently during the transition to ensure a stable environment, your corals should remain happy and healthy.

What to do when switching from traditional 2-part?

Since ATI Essentials Pro is also a 2-part dosing system switching is easy. Simply calculate the dose of ATI Essentials Pro for your size tank and dose away. There is no need to continue using your old dosing product. Please visit our Dosing Calculator for more information.

What to do when switching from Kalkawasser?

When switching from kalkwasser, your tank will need to be weaned off of the kalkwasser while adding the ATI Essentials Pro.  To do so, gradually reduce the amount of kalkwasser added to your water and begin adding the minimum amount of ATI Essentials Pro to your reef tank gradually increasing the amount daily while at the same time reducing the amount of kalkwasser. This transition should be done over the period of 2 weeks. Continue until kalkwasser is no longer added and Essentials Pro is at the full dosage needed to keep levels stable.

How to mix Essentials Pro?

Essentials Pro can be used straight from the bottle or it can be diluted. We recommend diluting Essentials Pro to prevent the chance of overdosing your tank.  In a clean dosing container mix Essentials Pro #1 and RO-DI water in a 4:1 ratio with 1 part being Essentials Pro and 4 parts being RO-DI. Mix well. Repeat for Essentials Pro #2. For the 2L size of Essentials Pro you will need two containers that can hold at least 3 gallons each.

How much and how often do I dose?

Prior to starting Essentials Pro, test your alkalinity (KH) and make sure it falls between 7.0 and 8.0. 

To calculate your initial daily dosage, visit www.doseati.com. Part #1 and Part #2 will be dosed in equal proportions. The daily dosage amount will depend on your tank’s size and what types of corals are in your tank. To calculate the proper dosage, please visit our Dosing Calculator here.

Divide your daily dose by 12 and dose that amount every hour on the hour alternating between Essentials Part 1 on the odd hours and Essentials Part 2 on the even hours.

How often should calcium and alkalinity levels be tested?

After dosing for 24 hours, test alkalinity and calcium levels to make sure both levels remain stable. Testing must be done at the same time each day. If KH levels decrease by 0.3 or more, then your current dosage needs to be increased. If on the other hand, your KH levels increase by 0.3 or more, then your current dosage needs to be decreased. To calculate your adjusted daily dosage, visit www.doseati.com.

Once alkalinity and calcium levels are stable then testing should be done 1-2 times per week.  It is also recommended to use an ATI ICP water analysis at least once every 3 months to assure that all trace elements are within proper ranges.

It’s Easy to Determine the Right Dosage of ATI Essentials Pro 2 Part System

Starting a new dosing system can be stressful and confusing. We want to make it as easy as possible. 

With ATI Essentials Pro, you dose only two liquids in equal parts. This simple, yet comprehensive system provides 28 necessary elements that your reef will love. 

Dosing calculators make it even easier.

If you think 2 parts sounds simple, we’ve introduced two new dosing calculators to make it even easier to calculate the right dosage for your tank.

Visit DoseATI.com to view our helpful calculators.

  • The green calculator will help you determine your starting dosage for ATI Essentials Pro.
  • The blue calculator will help you to adjust your dose of ATI Essentials Pro, once you have been using it for a while. 

We recommend testing calcium and magnesium (Ca and Mg) periodically. However, since ATI Essentials Pro utilizes the change in your alkalinity to determine the proper dose, it is typically the only item you need to test. You will want to test alkalinity daily at the same time of day.

  • If you notice a change of 0.3 dkH or more, use the calculator to determine the dosage adjustment. 
  • If you see a change of 0.2 or less, record this value and continue to test until an upward or downward trend emerges. 

Whether, you are switching from another brand, a calcium reactor or using a simple 2-part system, these calculators will help manage your dose to give you the best results. 

Visit DoseATI.com to bring your reef to the next level with ATI Essentials Pro.

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