Max-Chill™ Titanium Chiller Series

Max-Chill - 1/4 HP Titanium Chiller
AquaEuroUSA  Max-Chill 1/4 HP Titanium Chiller
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State of the Art Max Chill™ Series Cooling Chiller

  • High quality, durable, reliable and efficient
  • Powerful and compact design
  • Quickly lowers and maintains desired water temperature and improves water quality in your tank
  • Corrosion resistant Titanium Heat Exchanger cools efficiently
  • Digital LED display for simplified functional control
  • Anti-Freezing System protects heat exchanger from freezing
  • Powerful compressor uses DuPont® R134a ozone friendly cooling agent
  • Efficient and reliable compressor saves money by using less electricity
  • Automatic power surge shut-off control with last set temperature recall system, returns chiller to last set temperature in case of a power surge or power outage
  • High BTU (heat removal) rating, heavy duty condenser effortlessly releases collected heat from water
  • Easy to remove front condenser cover for easy cleaning
  • Quick easy set-up & cleaning maintenance
       Hint: For optimum cooling performance choose the GPH of the intake pump based on the total volume of water.


Tank size up to:                   170 Gallons
Dimensions                         17.6"L x 13"W x 20.25"H (with Fittings On)
Rating                                  1/4HP
Ideal tank size                     150 Gallons
Inlet/Outlet                           3/4" & 3/4"
Chilling Capability              100 Gal:30ºF / 170 Gal:10ºF
Rated Voltage                      110-120V
Working Current                  3.0A
Frequency                            60 Hz
Refrigerant                           R134a BTU 3200
Suggested Pump Size         290 - 660 GPH